I make music for film and TV and I really love my work. 

My musical training is classical but I also love to explore, from textural electronic music to pure pop. I have created soundscapes for scores by slicing up atonal cello improvisations, bending digitally manipulated voices or by stuffing microphones deep inside battered old pianos. I just look for what works.

I have always been searching. After years playing any instrument I could lay my hands on, I discovered electronic music while studying a Masters degree in Composition in London.  I couldn’t understand how it worked. I was hooked …

This discovery was followed by sample-heavy, abstract electronic releases on underground labels, sonic-art installations, producing other artists … still searching, until I started to apply all this knowledge to story-telling.

I discovered working to image was really, really powerful stuff.

I saw that even just the slightest hint of music can add so much meaning to an image … can make you laugh, cry, despair… and in return, the music itself gains tremendous depth, emotion and power.  It’s a win-win.

And best of all – anything goes.

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