Director: Ángeles Hernández,  David Matamoros
Starring: Iván Sánchez, Pepe Ocio, Maria Ribera

Isaac is a feature film drama, directed by seasoned producers David Matamoros and Angeles Fernandez. It premiered at the Malaga Film Festival, August 2020.

Nacho and Denis are two friends who meet again after 20 years. Nacho is married to Marta and together they seem to be the perfect bourgeoise couple, great jobs and social standing, and their plan is to have a baby but its not working out. On the other hand, Denis and his partner Carmen live day to day, hoping to one day open a restaurant. Nacho proposes a deal in which Carmen carries their child in exchange for the money they need. But the plan obliges them all to discover things about themselves that risks destabilising all of their relationships.


The film deals with undercurrents and hidden sides of ourselves, lies and truths and owning up to the futures we want. I created textural and dreamlike cues for the many flashbacks, to the innocent time when Denis and Nacho were young, contrasting with supposedly elegant and poised music for their modern day lives.

The directors were also hoping to find a song that we could use as a flashback trigger – a hit song from the 90s. I remembered an anthemic pop/rock song, BACK HOME, that I mixed in 2018 by the Sitges based band TEALES, that fitted perfectly, and I wove it into those scenes. Later on, I realised I could re-work the song in a more contemplative and intimate style, piano and voice, for moments later in the film, fused with meaning and melancholy.