Original Title: Ahora o Nunca
Director: Maria Ripoll
Starring:  Dani Rovira, María Valverde, Jordi Sánchez

Now Or Never is a rollicking romantic comedy with a large, all star cast. It followed directly the unprecedented success of Dani Rovira’s first film “Ocho Apellidos Vascos”.

It was one of the hotly anticipated comedies for 2015 and was seen by 1.3 million people, staying in the top 10 for 8 weeks. It made over 8.5 million at the box office which was a new record for a female film director in Spain.

It features a host of top spanish comic actors, including Joaquin Nuñez, Jordi Sanchez, Gracia Olaya, Yolanda Ramos, Ana Gras, Clara Lago and many more.  It is set principally in the UK and based around a wedding plan that goes wrong for everyone through a series of mishaps and misadventures that get increasingly ridiculous as everybody tries to make it to the wedding in one piece.


Maria wanted a “british” pop sound as well as an up, happy, feel-good comedy score to accompany the non-stop action and multi-layered adventures.

Although I was involved at the script stage, providing original tracks for use during filming, the project was a very intense 3 months in post with changes right up to the last minute, with lots of key input from Maria, who has an incredible knack for how to structure music around a scene.

As well as composing the music, I played much of the score, including guitars, bass, piano, drums, violin, trumpet, vocals as well as writing many of the songs in english. Other key musicians were brought in to provide baritone sax, lead trumpet, guitars, and double bass.

Victor Hernandez was the surprise revelation of the project, my assistant and video guy who started off shooting the ‘making of’ (below) but ended up co-writing and singing two of the key songs of the film as well as performing many of the guitars!


Here is a behind the scenes peek at how the soundtrack was put together, including an interview with director Maria Ripoll.